Breast Enlargement Surgery: What to consider before going under the knife

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Women of today would go a long way to get a perfect figure. Small breasts are seen as not having a complete desirable body and could even lead to depression amongst women. That is the reason why more and more women are taking to breast enhancement but there are methods for breast enhancement without surgery. It is also not surprising that breast enhancement is amongst the highly fashionable cosmetic procedures. The technique used in breast implant is that prosthesis is inserted into a women’s breasts by the way of cosmetic surgery to enlarge its size.

The 2 breasts implant filler materials are mentioned here below.

· Saline-filled – A silicon rubber shell containing liquid sterile saline.
· Silicone gel-filled – Silicon shells containing gel made of viscous silicon.

Victims of breast cancer can make use of breast implants to reconstruct breast post mastectomy. Those women suffering from asymmetrical breasts have the option of 1 breast implant so as to balance the overall size of the breast. A number of women choose breast implant surgery post pregnancy so as to balance the different of breast size that takes place as a result of fluctuating hormones but there are also methods for breast enhancement without surgery. There are many article and sources that are dedicated to this cause and you can always take a second opinion before going under the knife.

MRI of a 61-year-old woman with bilateral implants: a single-lumen implant (right breast) and a double-lumen implant (left breast). (a) Axial silicone-suppression and (b) axial T2-weighted turbo spin echo sequences. The right implant has homogeneous signal intensity, representing a single lumen with silicone gel (*). The left implant has an inner lumen (open arrow) of low-signal-intensity or high-signal-intensity silicone surrounded by a smaller outer lumen (solid arrow) that contains saline

So, let us see what are the ways you can adopt for breast enhancement without surgery. You can try methods such as natural pills for breast enhancement, creams, herbal remedies and special devices. Amongst the major plus points of breast enhancement without surgery is that is happens to be cheaper than other options, less probability of side effects and zero recovery time. The results might not be instant but results have been known to show up ranging in a few weeks to a couple of months. The best thing is that they are permanent. It is commonly known that using plant estrogens stimulates breast tissue growth. Breast enhancement without surgery with help of phytoestrogens is non-hormonal.

There are ways to get breast enhancement without surgery and still get desired results than too in not a lengthy time period. There exist proven breast enhancement exercises that still achieve breast enlargement without surgery. Just with simple breast enhancement exercises breast shape will not change, such exercises make the muscle inside the breast tissue stronger. But a good exercise routine makes the breast lift thus your breasts feel & look firmer. You should know how to perform these exercises correctly because if performed incorrectly it can prove to be dangerous.

Let’s have a look at some of the effective exercises for breast enhancement without surgery-

Natural Breast Enlargement Exercise / Habits

For best results from breast enhancement without surgery exercises use this one.

  1. Lie over your stomach, bend the knees & cross ankles.
  2. Tilt the elbows and put the palms in line with the floor (sideways).
  3. With erect arms lift your body in a manner so your remain above on your knees & palms.
  4. Tuck in the chin inwards reaching the chest bending the forehead in the direction of the floor.
  5. Stoop the elbows and lower the body altogether in a manner so that upper arms are adjacent to the floor.
  6. Push yourself upwards.
  7. Your elbows shouldn’t be locked at any stage and do this exercise ten times.
  8. Take a minute break and do it twice more.

Another exercise that helps breast enlargement without surgery is by holding the palms together tightly opposite to the breasts.

  1. Keep it in that position for 5 seconds & then relax.
    Do this exercise 10 times.
  2. Hold your forearms parallel to the shoulder level and release out without freeing the forearms.
    Do this exercise 10 times.
  3. Bend the fingers & lock them the point of your shoulder level.
    Release it and lock it in intervals of 5 seconds.

These exercises are effective for breast enlargement and especially recommended for people wanting breast enhancement without surgery.


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